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Your very own hospital. Patients with strange diseases, and alternative healing methods you've never seen before: The first economy simulation situated in a hospital! Please consult the game information about possible risks and side effects, or ask your physician or pharmacist for screenshots.

"Kapi Hospital" - from: The Great Docopedia. An all purpose reference book for medical emergencies.

KapiHospital, the [lat. Kapius hospitalionis, in English: the medical form of a free online game]:
Kapi Hospital is a free browser based online game, playable any time in your browser, without any downloads.

A cursory glance shows this browser-game to be distinguished by a carefully crafted hospital-setting, with wheezing patients, numerous different sickrooms, and several towns with a wide range of features. On delving deeper into this extraordinary phenomenon called "Kapi Hospital", a few further noteworthy features will come to light, such as the treatment of unusual diseases, the provision and administration of alternative remedies, as well as the conducting of evolutionary research and the dispatching of ambulances on non-stop-questing-duty.

The so-called "gaming fun" is a well-documented and frequent side-effect of Kapi Hospital, caused directly by the introductory tutorial, or indirectly by the catchy game design, high-quality graphics, and meticulous attention to details.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients of a characteristic Kapi Hospital:
Kapi Hospital