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Kapi Hospital – your hospital in a browser

Browser games  by Upjers

Kapi Hospital – experience doctor games in your browser

Kapi Hospital is the right choice for everyone who wants to play doctor games online! The browser games lets you slip into the role of chief resident and treat curios diseases. Each patientId can be cured with the respective medication. Upgrade your hospital step by step as you level up, and admit more and more patients.

Kapi Hospital

Experience doctor games

Treat curious diseases and take care of your patients in this colorful and funny online game. You have a variety of medication at your disposal to do just that.

Become chief resident

This hospital simulation does not require years of studying. All you need to play is a valid email address and an internet connection.

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Professor Fluffling

The story of Kapi Hospital

Unique diseases need treating, alternative medication needs to be supplied and used to treat your patients. Aside from that, you need to conduct revolutionary researches, and send off your ambulances to complete tricky emergency missions. Cleaning crazy cleaners, extraterrestrials with a knack for abducting patients, and heavily muscled construction workers will cause acute playing frenzy. Create your own hospital in this free browser game, and become the best chief resident of all times!

Features of doctor games

The game abounds with love for details: busily bustling animations bring your online hospital to life. In no time at all, you will progress from newbie-manager to expert on all sorts of curious diseases and wacky patients. Get rid of the clutter in your hospital and construct x-ray rooms and ultrasonics labs! Heavily muscled construction workers take care of the construction and Professor Fluffling, your wise mentor in this online game, offers help in word and deed. There is so much to discover! Join in and play Kapi Hospital without downloads directly in your web browser!

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Free to play – games by Upjers

Bamberg-based developer and publisher Upjers has been offering browser games since 2006. The colorful online games can be played in any browser without needing to be downloaded or installed. The range of genre is impressive and includes from doctor games as well as theme park simulations.

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