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Kapi Hospital – The crazy hospital simulation

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Kapi Hospital – having fun in the hospital

Dreaming of a career as chief resident? The free online game Kapi Hospital will make that dream come true. The humorous business simulation transports you to the world of viruses and bacteria. Accept the challenges day-to-day hospital life poses you, and play free online games as Kapi Hospital by Upjers. For free of course!

Kapi Hospital

Free online games in your browser

All you need to play the hospital simulation is a valid email address and an internet connection.

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Free online games are popular with players of all ages. Hospital games such Kapi Hospital ranks amongst them. Play for free!

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The content of Kapi Hospital

In Kapi Hospital, the entertaining hospital game, it’s your job to upgrade your own infirmary step by step. You will start with a small and worn down clinic, and will have to make do with a small examination room. But talk of a new chief resident in Sniffleton soon spreads: the first patients won’t take long to appear.

Free online games features

Discover the impressive versatility of browser games. In the funny hospital game Kapi Hospital, you are the head of a virtual hospital. You are supported by Professor Fluffing, a know-it-all and chief quack doctor. Diligent cleaners and pretty nurses keep your Kapi Hospital running, but it´s the correct rooms that enable your team of doctors to cure the uncommon diagnoses the hospital browser game presents you with. Fortunately, the numerous shops are well-stocked, so you can equip your Kapi-clinic for all contingencies.

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Discover for free: Upjers games

Since 2006, Bamberg-based games developer and publisher Upjers has been offering browser games. These colorful online games can be played without downloads or installations. The range of genres is impressive, and ranges from hospital games to entertaining theme park games.

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