Kapi Hospital – the funny business simulation

Kapi Hospital – become chief resident in Sniffleton

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Kapi Hospital – the funny business simulation

With the browser game Kapi Hospital, Upjers proves that a business simulation does not have to be dry and boring. Wacky diseases and droll patients are the core of this hospital game. In addition, there´s much to be discovered in Sniffleton and Fractureford. Start playing for free right now!

Kapi Hospital

Manage your hospital

Business simulation games, as the name suggests, simulate economic procedures. Kapi Hospital focuses on the theme hospital.

Hospital management

The funny doctor game Kapi Hospital lets you manage your own hospital. Among treating your patients, stocking up on remedies is one of your tasks.

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Professor Fluffling

Everything but normal

Don not expect to find boring diseases like the flu or otitis media in this hospital game. Your waiting area is crowded with Sniffleton-residents. The rampant barfritis is one of the minor disorders they suffer from. This sickness and more than 100 other diseases are waiting to be treated. Research meds in your lab to help the sick even faster.

The best doctor in town

Your goals in the funny and entertaining browser game Kapi Hospital are ambitious – you want to become the best doctor of Sniffleton. That’s why you are working diligently on upgrading your hospital. All beginnings are difficult, and thus you will start small. At the beginning, you will welcome your patients in shabby examination rooms, before you can reinvest the money earned to upgrade and beautify your hospital. Your career as a doctor begins, and you are out to set the world on fire. Kapi Hospital is a fun and colorful browser game. If you’re ready to take on the duties as chief resident, sign up now on the free business simulation.

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Bamberg-based game developer upjers has been offering free online games since 2006. Every day, millions of people worldwide are playing the colorful browser games. The variety of games ranges from business simulation over fantasy action role playing games to theme park games.

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