Kapi Hospital – Experience free browser games

Kapi Hospital – a virtual hospital in your browser

Browser games  by Upjers

Kapi Hospital – Experience free browser games

Would-be doctors wanted! Sniffleton needs a new chief resident. In Kapi Hospital, you will experience the nerve-stretching daily hospital life at first hand. Free browser games features and strange new patientId patterns are awaiting you. No time for boredom, there is always something to do!

Kapi Hospital

What is Kapi Hospital?

Upjers invites you to a world of scrub-wearers and hypochondriacs and cures your boredom with a high dose of fun!

The game´s story

Curious diseases run rampant in Sniffleton, but with a caring team and state-of-the-art technology your hospital will handle any diagnosis.

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Professor Fluffling

Your career as a doctor

The hospital game Kapi Hospital has you take on the position of new chief resident. You won’t have to wait too long for your first patients to appear, and soon your waiting area will be crammed with ailing Sniffleton-residents. As absolute beginners you will face symptoms such as alinasal acne and barfritits. Your reward is defined by how content you patients, and how severe their symptoms are. The money earned can be spent on new medication and to upgrade your hospital.

Experience free browser games

Hospital games have been favored by players even before some of the TV shows popular today appeared. Kapi Hospitals faces you with the challenges of modern medicine. Don not let your hospital become overrun by bacteria, but keep expanding it to create a state-of-the-art health center. Just a bit of effort, and soon the title of “doctor of the year” might be yours! The in-game help teaches you all you need to know to cure the latest outbreaks of diseases, and, needless to say, the game offers you lots of entertaining events on a regular basis.

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Play along for free

Everyone is invited to join and play for free. Game producers Upjers have been developing browser games since 2006. These are online games playable in a browser. No download is needed. The range of Upjers’ games reaches from business simulations to junkyard games.

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